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Michelle Gonsalves' Monash IT Story

Michelle credits working on team projects in her Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash as one of the reasons for why she is now an Infrastructure Project .

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This carnivorous plant is shaped to help bats find it, so bats can sleep and ...

"We mostly think about plant signaling as targeting sight and smell, but here these plants are not so much giving a 'shout out' but a 'shout back' to the bats to come on over," explains Rohan Clarke, an ecologist at Monash University in Australia who

Intergenerational report: Everyone remain seated – it's not very scary

Those decisons made the deficit much worse – it was 1.9% of GDP but grew to 3% of GDP when the new government gave a big cash injection to the Reserve Bank, abandoned some of Labor's proposed savings and took into account the abolition of the 

12 things WatchKit tells us about Apple Watch

Typography must be legible and preferably use Apple's built-in styles; branding should be minimised in a “refined, unobtrusive way”. This all suggests Apple Watch This is just the first step; who knows what the Apple Watch 3 or 4 will bring


VCO3307: Typography 3 - 2015 Handbook - Monash University
Theoretical and practical exercises in the relationships between typography and meaning, typography and language, and type in media will provide this unit's ...

VCO2304: Typography 2 - 2015 Handbook - Monash University
12 hours per week, including; 4 hours including: 1-hour lecture, one 3-hour studio and 8 independent study hours per week See also Unit timetable information

MADA - Monash University
MADA is Monash University’s ... to textile design, industrial design, furniture and jewellery design, 3d print, homewares, typography, ... [2/3] MADA Industrial ...

Found on artdes.monash.edu.au

Found on artdes.monash.edu.au
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Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)

Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)
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Piale, Luigi. Rome seen in a week : being a hand-book to Rome and its ...

Piale, Luigi. Rome seen in a week : being a hand-book to Rome and its ...
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Fonts & Encodings
Fonts & Encodings
Published by "O'Reilly Media, Inc." 2007
ISBN 9780596102425,0596102429
1016 pages

This new reference book is a comprehensive guide to using fonts and typography on the Web and across a variety of operating systems and application software.

Monash University law review
Monash University law review

Cooking recipes

1/3- Pound Squeeze Burger
Ingredients:dill pickle, ground beef, ice, salt, lettuce, cheddar cheese, red onions, hamburger bun, tomato, yellow onions

1-2-3 Jambalaya
Ingredients:beef broth, chicken broth, chicken, cajun seasoning, french onion soup, green pepper, hot sauce, rice, olive oil, onions, smoked sausage

3 Cheese Lasagna
Ingredients:basil, broccoli, garlic, green pepper, ground beef, lasagna noodle, mozzarella cheese, mushroom, onions, oregano, parmesan cheese, peppercorn, ricotta cheese, salt, tomato sauce, thyme, tomato paste, vegetable oil, tomato, zucchini

3 Minute Whole Wheat Bread
Ingredients:yeast, flax seed, milk, salt, sugar, flour, vinegar, flour

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French provincial home stuns with elevator, theatre room and five-star luxury
09/24/15, via Herald Sun Melboume

EUROPEAN design and traditional Asian building systems combine to deliver serious modern luxury at this new Monash stunner ... The chic property is expected to attract more than $3.3 million and has an extensive list of features to rival Melbourne ...

Meridian Museum of Art presents 42nd Annual Bi-State Art Competition
09/20/15, via Meridian Star

Collections include GLATT/YMAGOS, Brazil; Kohler Art Museum; Spencer Museum of Art; New Orleans Museum of Art; Museum of Texas Tech University; Limerick School of Art and Design; Ireland, Monash University, Australia; Special Collections Library ...

Australia's new prime minister fends off sell out accusation
09/17/15, via My Mother Lode

Nick Economou, a Monash University political scientist ... It was based on a telephone survey of 1,204 voters nationwide and had a 3 percentage point margin of error. A ReachTEL poll published on Thursday found 62 percent preferred Turnbull versus 38 ...