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SD Toys DC Superman Logo Silicone Baking Tray

  • Shaped like the Superman shield
  • Measures approximately 5" tall x 6 3/4" wide

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Wilton Cake Function Pan SuperMan DC Comics Birthday Year 1977 Mold # 502-1212

For trade a Wilton cake pan in the shape of a Super Hero. It is mold # 502-1212. Cake pan measures about 13 inches (.

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1977 Wilton Superman Cake Pan


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Superman Batman Pan Instructions - Observe With Wilton ...
Pan Instructions » Download Pan Instructions (PDF) You will basic Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pan instructions. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click on the ...

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Vending Wilton 1977 DC Comics Superman Cake Pan

Vending Wilton 1977 DC Comics Superman Cake Pan
Image by www.etsy.com

Superman Cake Pan Wilton 1977

Superman Cake Pan Wilton 1977
Image by www.etsy.com

superman cake

superman cake
Image by www.flickr.com

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SUPERMAN BATMAN 1977 Wilton Cake Pan Mold 502-1212 DC Comics Wonderful Hero http://t.co/1hXYeJVDD9 http://t.co/CB7CjyLcLV


Generation WILTON SUPERMAN CAKE PAN MOLD 1977 DC COMICS #502-1212 ALUMINUM http://t.co/xKQsbD0UZU http://t.co/sRUx579I3y


Wilton Wonderful Hero Cake Pan 502-1212 1977 Batman Superman DC Comics Birthday http://t.co/7nOJp0sfXD http://t.co/DDPAtlSAW2

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