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Bachelorette Suzanne Eleanor, 14 years old today. It was a terrible day, weather wise. School was cancelled. The roads were bad. it was Suze's birthday. She said it was okay if we didn't go anywhere, but I knew she was auspicious. we went to the Chinese buffet. now that our Big Van is parked permanently in the driveway, I can only bring six kids with me when I go out and about. unless we double-buckle. but even that option was out today, as our minivan is in the seek. I had to drop it off in town today, and the roads were not fun, ice packed with white-outs from the blowing snow. The snowbanks are high, the wind blows across them, increased by more snow was falling today. I did not want to go out and about. I did, and we are alive to tell about it. We drove the Bravada, which is good in the snow, but can only fit five. The girls have their cousin Olivia here, so I brought Suzanne and Kathryn, Olivia, and Evelyn. My kindness broke for Sonja, she had a snow day from school and really wanted to go. We went to Kohl's first, and I let Suze pick out a few things for her birthday, because. even though her birthday comes on the same day every year, it sneaked up on me someway. They were all on clearance, of course, but are very nice. They all started rallying to go to Chinese for lunch. I tried to remind them how awful we feel after we eat there, and how we have vowed to never eat there again. They were undaunted, and since it was Suzanne's birthday, we went. They about they're funny, and one of them asked if they could get soda instead of water, which we simply don't do in our family, :), and I said, "no", unless it comes with it. It didn't, so we had water. These girls are preposterous. They are loud and funny when I made a pig nose at one of them for going up for thirds, right as a lady from another table looked our way. I looked at her with my pig nose, and I think she might have thought I was making it at her. The bad sentiment is that when they are laughing, I can't help but join in. I forget that I am old. That is precisely why it is so much fun to be with them. Your ice is a snare. We're captives but we. soon will be free,. That knowledge of that hope,. makes you weak. but spring will come in a little while,. and rescue me. Anyway. Tonight is going to be another cold one. The good news is that it should warm up to 20 by the afternoon. Paul called tonight from Florida. He at lunch face. He had dinner at a restaurant and ate outside. He said he drove with the windows down in the car. And it is not all fun and games, he was still doing work at 9:30. Okay. I may get the prize for Worst Birthday Mom, but I did superintend to make a yummy ice cream pie/cake for her. Two packages of Oreos, crumbled and crushed, mixed with a stick of melted butter (I did set aside a cup of the crumbs to sprinkle on top). Spread in the seat of a big pan, mine is 18" by 24". I think. Anyway, I used three cartons of ice cream, slightly softened. I used mint choco-flake on one end, fudge ripple in the middle, then dark chocolate on the other end. I added caramel to the top of the fudge ripple, and a little bit drizzled on the chocolate. I sprinkled the extra crumbs all over it, then some chocolate sprinkles. Waxed tabloid then foil, and into the big freezer. Then I made homemade frosting: half a stick of butter, some shortening, about a pound of powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. I tempered to half and half this time. I had a very tiny bit in a very small little container, like two tablespoons. It was TOO GOOD. it was a small gathering, for our diet. Evelyn had left with a friend to go to the bookstore (and she brought home a gift for Suze), and Margaret went to visit her cousin Audrey who is watching my niece's two children. my niece is in the sanitarium recuperating from surgery due to complications of Crohn's disease. (poor Kate, she is the sweetest girl, my sister's oldest daughter. She is a childhood cancer survivor, and is a fighter. We are hoping and praying that she will regard better now than she has in a while, her surgeon assured her it went well and she would start feeling better soon:)). The little girls were all excited about the ice cream cake and the birthday at a bargain price a fuss, and the little gift bag with the travel mug, a bag of Valentine's candy (yummy mixed chocolates), and a box of Valentine Fun Dip.

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How to Create a Fondant Olivia the Pig Cake Topper 1 of 3 ...
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Olivia the Pig Cake by perpetuousdreemr

Olivia the Pig Cake by perpetuousdreemr
Image by perpetuousdreemr.deviantart.com

olivia cake pan

olivia cake pan
Image by dallumfabrications.co.uk

Olivia The Pig

Olivia The Pig
Image by www.easy-cake-ideas.com

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