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RECIPease Cake Mug (Mocha Marble)

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Martini Cake Pan How to Video

Learn how our together martini cake pan bakes a delicious tasting, evenly baked large martini cake everytime. Turn your favorite cocktail into a treat our guests will love and buzz about.

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KJ's brings today's surf and turf to Fort Myers

Three wide glass canisters display house-made fruit infused vodkas, with pineapple vodka so smooth Kerry recommends drinking it as is, essentially a pineapple martini. . Menu includes elephantine shrimp cocktail and seared ahi tuna; Caesar salad or

Restaurant Criticism: Black Point

The Chilean sea bass is as jellied and white as wedding cake, grilled just long enough to flake at the touch of a fork. The lemon vinaigrette is surprisingly soft, with bright pops from I would order the Pan-Seared Sea Scallops ($28) again just to

Steak takes the cake at Swathe House in Livingston

STANDOUT DISHES: Steak (of orbit), including strip ($49) and filet ($36 or $45), cheesecake ($9) and the restaurant's signature 24-layer chocolate cake ($24). THE STEAK — and the cheesecake and the chocolate Things happened that shouldn't have

KJ's brings up to date surf and turf to Fort Myers - The News-Press


One of the oldest things to catch your eye when you walk into KJ's Fresh Grill is the artwork over the bar. "I've heard dolphins (comparisons)," explained Warren Frye, co-owner of the new restaurant. The Caucasoid horns and tusks artfully placed on the white wall are a nod to the steakhouse side of this new surf-and-turf spot, which opened at 10950 S. Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers in a seat formerly occupied by The Reserve Cigar and Wine Bar. The restaurant is named for Kerry, Warren's wife and co-owner. In addition to KJ's, the Fryes own two Beef 'O' Brady's locations in Neck Coral. Warren has more than 30 years experience in the restaurant business. The couple decided on a modern steakhouse concept, with a bit of local seafood on the menu as without difficulty completely. "We are trying to get as many things as we can to keep it as local as we can," Warren said of his ingredients. Warren enjoys fishing and it shows on his menu, which includes cobia, a provincial fish served here grilled with a pineapple chutney. Three large glass canisters display house-made fruit infused vodkas, with pineapple vodka so slick Kerry recommends drinking it as is, essentially a pineapple martini. They also offer beer on draft, including one from Old Soul Brewery, located in a building behind the restaurant. The bar offers everyday drink specials, and boasts a unique bloody Mary. "We hand-make the bloody Mary mix," said Warren. "We make an infused vodka with scorpion peppers, celery, onions, peppers, tomatoes. In preference to of getting a harsh vodka hit, you get a great, smooth bloody Mary. "We are trying to set ourselves apart as a modern steakhouse," Warren said. The interior is less like a time-honoured steakhouse and more modern, with a color scheme and artwork that mimics our Gulf shores. White stone tiles stack irregularly along a partition off that holds a single cow skull, an iconic steakhouse staple. Cool blue paint covers the walls and a string of blue lights runs under the bar top. Compartment colors mimic the blue waters and taupe sands of the coast. Warren's favorite dishes are the prime rib and the cobia, and for dessert, bread pudding with rum lip — his own recipe. Kerry is trying to bring more vegan dishes to the menu, including her crabless crabby cakes, which are made with hearts of palm. Another unequalled part of the menu. If you order an entrée, the soup of the day is the same price as that day's high temperature, which on this day was 87 degrees, meaning a price of 87 cents. On Strut 2 a new generation stepped up to the plate at the Naples and Fort Myers Skyline Chili locations. Skyline, a Cincinnati tradition, opened in Naples 27 years ago, and Fort Myers 25 years ago, giving Ohio natives a not any taste of home. Originally owned by the three Rodenfeld brothers, the two Skyline stores are now owned by son Gates Rodenfeld, his longtime friend Floyd Yarnell and Floyd's chain, E. B. Yarnell. Owning the stores was a dream of Rodenfeld's and Yarnell's since childhood, and with E. B. 's Cincinnati background, stepping in as owners seemed natural. "It was definitely a colossal passion of the previous generation," explained E. B. Yarnell, who said the new owners hope to continue that passion. There are no big changes planned at this time, and Yarnell said they will pick up to make the good customer service they are known for a top priority. Promising authentic Mexican food, the handwritten menu on the wall lists made-to-out of whack offerings such as tortas, huaraches and tacos with a variety of meats including bistec, al pastor, and longaniza (Mexican sausage). Beefstro's will soon coming out a third location near Gulf Coast Town Center in San Carlos. With two established restaurants in Naples, Beefstro's serves up a carnivore's dream. Its menu of gastronome fast-food sandwiches includes the Bull Headed Beef Melt, The Porker, and its signature sandwich, the Famous Italian Beef. The new putting will be in a shopping plaza behind Lone Star Steakhouse and Starbucks. The Heights Foundation and Lee Reefs will host the second-annual Lionfish Fest on Sunday, Step 29, from 3-6 p. m. at the Heights Center in south Fort Myers. The event is part of a continued effort to increase awareness about the invasive species and how it affects our adjoining reefs. Area chefs will present dishes they have created that include the lionfish. The event will also feature live music and a signature cocktail from Ghoulish Dolphin Rum Distillery.

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Martini Beaker Cake Pan

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Martini Beaker Cake Pan

Martini Beaker Cake Pan
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Subject-matter: Fondant Cakes -1 mature at end (photo dump 2) (Read 11671 times ...
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Nest egg Dinner for the Holidays
Published by Ballantine Books 2009
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Don’t Just Have a party–Relax! We all know that holidays are meant to be fun. But for the cook planning the feast, the holidays can inspire dread. Feeding the family on a daily basis is habit-forming enough. Making the meal both special and delicious can raise the bar out of sight. In Saving Dinner for the Holidays bona fide Dinner Diva Leanne Ely will show you that festive meals can be as uncomplicated and relaxing as they are tasty. She plans the menus, provides comprehensive, itemized shopping lists that are organized by supermarket section, includes heirloom recipes, and even includes the all-momentous timeline so that your party goes off without a hitch. She also gives you a big helping hand in the kitchen and offers tips on how to make your table sparkle with warmth and beauty. There’s a Valentine’s...

180 pages

EBONY is the flagship ammunition of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

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Steak takes the cake at Plunder House in Livingston
02/18/15, via New Jersey Online

Things happened that shouldn't have — the bartender announced a want of martini glasses on a not-so-crowded ... One secret is fresh ricotta. Plus the cake is baked in a warm water bath. No special pan, just a 9-inch springform, but one that's filled ...

Programme: Apple Cake
02/17/15, via

Let relaxed, remove from the pan, dust with powdered sugar before serving. Makes one 9-inch square/round cake. LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke are described as "incontrovertibly disappointed" in a jury verdict that they copied Marvin Gaye's ...

Our 10 A- blue cheese recipes
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In a adipose frying pan, saute the shallots then the mushrooms in butter or ... these polenta chips are more of a nibble or a snack and are excellent with beer or a very dry martini. You need stoneground yellow polenta for this programme, and not the instant ...