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Today I made the Portal cake with a ticker for Valentines Day. I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I'm not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby.

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Can you over recall of a better place than Disney World to spend your birthday. It just so happens that Jennifer got to spend her 30th birthday at the happiest place on Earth - The Magic Province. I can't believe that the day had finally arrived in which we could keep our word to Brinley and take her to Mickey's house. The day was going to be filled with lots of rides and meeting lots of characters. We got up antiquated again and headed for the park. We arrived with plenty time to ride the monorail and still got to the gates before opening. We even had a visit from Tinkerbell and she sprinkled some pixie dust on us. Jennifer had made all us shirts that had some Mickey ears displayed on them. I had a lot of people regards me on my Mickey tie. They were really impressed when we said that Jennifer made them. The kids both really love Toy Story so we thought this would be a fun ride for them. We actually ended up riding it 3 times in a row because the lines were so in a nutshell Bermuda shorts, one time we didn't even get off. What a great start to the day. Brinley and Landon both loved seeing Buzz at the end when he would congratulate us for saving the galaxy. Brinley's high scrape was 300. The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor didn't open until 9am so we were in line for the first showing. Jennifer was holding Landon and they shinned the focus of attention on her and said here we have a two headed monster. He asked where she was from and Jennifer said Kentucky. The monster proceeded to tell us what was in Kentucky which included things like the Eiffel Belfry. Jennifer told him that he was wrong and he asked when the last time she was in Kentucky and she said five days ago. They brought Jennifer a little mini cake for pud when they saw that she had a button on saying she was celebrating her birthday. We also used our third fast pass on Peter Pan. After finishing up your three fast passes then you got to select another one at the solidly pass kiosk. So, we walked over to Adventureland to ride it. However, we arrived a little early so we decided to take the kids to see if we could find Woody and Jessie. Like I mentioned earlier, Toy Article is one of the kids favorite Disney movies. So, they were both excited to see Woody and Jessie. However, both kids hardly paid attention to Woody. Jessie was a hit. She picked a flower for Landon, but Landon wouldn't lay one's hands on it from her so she gave it Brinley. The rest of the day Brinley kept telling us about Jessie giving her a flower. Landon napped on me. It wasn't completely shaded, so I put my hat on him to make sure he didn't get a sunburn. I just had to enervate my UK hat today because the Cats were playing Florida later that night. I tried to talk Jennifer into going to the game, but I was unsuccessful. I had to settle for watching highlights and the treat cavalierly-by-play on my phone. After a great meal we helped Grandma and Grandpa get the kids out to the car. The park had extra magical hours and they were going to watch the kids so that Jennifer and I could kill some of the "big" kid rides. We had a jam packed day and night at the Magic Kingdom. You only turn 30 once and I know that Jennifer really enjoyed it. We had so much fun and got everything plus a undamaged lot more done off of our agenda. Staying late for the extra magic hours proved to be an amazing idea - at least until we had to wake up the next day and go to another park. I couldn't lacuna to be able to come back for another 2 days of fun at this park later in the week. The kids had so much fun and I couldn't believe how good they were with all of the characters.


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