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Car Cake (Tin Assessment)

This is a marvellous novelty car cake tin /pan made by Wilton. I made this cake hurriedly for my son who is turning 9 months tomorrow.

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The old Periphery is even represented, its cake-pan-like silhouette having been retained in the redesign. Higher-quality ingredients abound, most noticeably in the interior finishes, yet the method is happily consistent with what's been served before. The

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A Drop of Spring

Source: wildknits

A week ago we had 10 inches of snow in the woods, today. vigorous, the woods are nearly bare. Temperatures have been in the 50's many days this week, with 63F recorded at my house today. Needless to say the snow is mostly melted and the streams are breaking release of their coating of ice. Since I have lived in Duluth for 28 years I have learned that you never, ever trust that just because it seems warm that will hold true for long. A twine switch, especially at this time of the year when Lake Superior is still sheathed in ice, can mean a 20 degree drop in temperature in a matter of minutes. I headed out the door yesterday for an 18 mile run wearing half tights (very 3/4 tights on me). long sleeve top, jacket, gloves and a light wool hat. Within a mile I was stopping to shed all but the base layers. Fortunately I was wearing a hydration cram so had plenty of places to stash my extra gear. While stopped I was passed by one of the Skyline regulars. We ended up running a few miles together and having a tidy chat. My course took me along Skyline Boulevard from Piedmont Ave (Hwy 53) to Stewart Creek and back. There are plenty of hills on this route, and lots of curves, which makes for a fun run. It is a nice-looking lightly traveled road on this end of town which makes for a relaxing run. Why am I running roads you ask. Well, with the big melt the trails are in a very fragile state. Only the top few inches are thawed and this makes the trails utter susceptible to damage. Until things dry out and thaw out my runs will be confined to roads. When I finally did head out the door it was with the intent to complete 18 miles, but in the back of my dome I was ready with excuses for turning back earlier. I allowed myself a few walking breaks on the steepest hills (and once when I just felt like walking). I am glad that I brought a hydration send someone about his as I went through nearly all of the 30 oz. of water I had along. I am pretty sure that the stop at the rest area with a long drink from the water fountain is the only on account of I didn't run dry. Today I planned on running 10 miles, but really wanted to avoid pavement as much as possible. The far western and far eastern sections are closed off in the winter (beyond areas with accommodation). For the most part these sections of Skyline are gravel, though years ago the city decided throwing down chewed up blacktop from other road projects was a nobility idea and some sections are now just really crappily paved road. I headed west again, but this time started at the Magney-Snively trailhead parking lot and ran on the closed leg of road towards Becks' Rd. For those of you have have run either the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon or the Minnesota Voyageur Trail... I met Sarah 3 miles out, and we headed back to Magney-Snively, ended up craving by the lot and running across the Stewart Creek bridge to the 3. 5 mile mark for her. Turned around at that point and headed back to where she had left her car (stopping by well-spring to drop off our extra layers as it was much warmer in this part of town then at either of our houses). The road was 95% snow free, with some standing water in areas and a few "streams" eroding the way bed in others. It was nice to run on a softer surface, but with decent traction. There were a few other folks out enjoying the lovely day, but for the most part we had the road to ourselves. 5 miles of Skyline Blvd covered over two days (nearly half it's add up distance). Today was Sarah's birthday and she had requested a lemon cake, with lemon frosting. Lots of lemon zest and fresh lemon juice were required, not till hell freezes over mind butter and sugar (it is cake after all). The batter mixed up well and I poured it out into a well greased bundt pan (no tube pans on hand). Apparently you really can't grease a bundt pan glowingly enough. Getting the cake out intact was a bit of a process and damage was done. I didn't think things through well and more damage was done while I was trying to level the cake (aka slice off the domed top). To top it off, it is ostensibly harder then I thought to cream butter into powdered sugar. I probably gave up too soon and after adding the lemon zest and lemon juice ended up with a grainy lemon glaze to pour over the top.

Cars Cake Pan (each)

Cars Cake Pan (each)

(Wholesale Party Supplies and Halloween Costumes)

Price: $27.99

Make the cake your Pixar's Car themed party in the shape of your little one's hero with this cake pan! The Cars Cake Pan is a tin pan that is in the shape of Lightening McQueen.

Cars Cake Pan (each)

Cars Cake Pan (each)

(Birthday in a Box)

Price: $27.99

Make the cake your Pixar's Car themed party in the shape of your little one's hero with this cake pan! The Cars Cake Pan is a tin pan that is in the shape of Lightening McQueen.


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Our court cake pans are are made of commercial quality aluminum by industry leaders such as Wilton and NordicWare. Also features cupcake topper, picks, edible cake ...

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Wilton Race meeting Car Novelty Cake Pan/Tin

Wilton Race meeting Car Novelty Cake Pan/Tin
Image by bakingpleasures.com.au

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Hop to it Car cake pan
Image by www.keokuk.lib.ia.us

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Lot of 5 Wilton Cake Pans Including Pooh, Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther, Outmoded Car http://t.co/yDAZWBij17 http://t.co/HBtIUaXjmm


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The old Vehemence is even represented, its cake-pan-like silhouette having been retained in the redesign. Higher-quality ingredients abound, most noticeably in the interior finishes, yet the system is happily consistent with what’s been served before.

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The Labor Day Holiday was a huge success on Saturday as thousands of people from Warrior Country enjoyed an American-style festival with a touch of Korean heritage on the mains streets of Camp Casey. Labor Day, a national holiday set for the first Monday in September recognizes the hard work and achievements of American workers and for their contributions to the commercial growth and prosperity of our nation and to formally celebrate the end-of-summer. The Area I festivities kicked off as 86 participants competed in a 5 kilometer hurry at 8 a.m. at Camp Red Cloud. Medals were awarded to the top two finishers in each of the four categories… overall men's and women's event and categories for overall senior men's and women's. The Casey streets filled with people of all ages were impatient to get the festivities started at 3 p.m. Carnival rides like the merry-go-round, donkey rides, paddle boats, "Viking" rides and the bungee-line trampoline brought loud shrieks of delight...

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